Listening & Guidance

This professional service within the NHS, is a new concept in caring for distressed people. It creates a confidential space where people are can be valued, truly listened to and helped to explore issues which are important to them, such as what brings hope, purpose, meaning, inner strength and a sense of belonging.

Listening and Guidance is based on a whole person approach to health and wellbeing and offers help at the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social levels. It has been found to be particularly useful by those experiencing some kind of loss in their lives, e.g. loss of a relationship, work, health, bereavement, confidence, purpose, wellbeing. Listening and Guidance is offered by Chaplains for Wellbeing.

Chaplains for wellbeing will…

  • Listen to your story
  • Hear your concerns and offer reflection and support
  • Give you space to explore your own spiritual needs
  • Help you find your own way forward
  • Provide useful resources
  • Offer time for relaxation, meditation and if you wish, prayer
  • Put you in touch with other helpful agencies

How to contact us…

If you are a patient at one of the following practices you can either talk to your GP about a referral or you can fill in our referral form here.

Karis Medical Centre

The Wand Medical Centre

Bath Row Medical Practice

Bournbrook Varsity Medical Centre

Harborne Medical Practice

Sherwood House Medical Practice

University Medical Practice

Services users have said:

“Without this help I would have felt very alone, isolated and abandoned, I have been and continue to be in a very difficult stage of my life…”

“It helped me come to terms with decisions I made in the past”

“They were wonderful, like a shining light in a dark time”

“The best thing I have ever done”

“It had been a while, 8 years, that I kept things to myself!”

“It helped me be more positive about my life, giving me more perspective on my problems.”

Sometimes we just need to be heard by someone who will listen

Your first appointment is a chance for you to meet a member of the team. This session may be up to an hour and offers time for one-to-one discussion in a confidential space. Following appointments may be shorter.